When you visit, personal data is collected, processed and used. With this data protection information, we want to emphasize our commitment to managing your data in a secure and reliable manner and to clarify how we use our customers' personal data. We comply with the provisions of data protection legislation.


Personal data is information that can be attributed to you personally. These include, for example, information such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

In addition, during each visit to our website, further data is automatically collected for technical reasons, such as the IP address provided by the Internet access provider on your computer to connect to the Internet, or information about the website from which you visited our offer, or in relation to the internet browser used by you (technical information). This technical information may, in individual cases, constitute personal data. As a general rule, we use technical data, however, only to the extent necessary for technical reasons, for the operation and protection of our website against attacks and abuse, as well as in a pseudonymous or anonymous form for statistical purposes.


We collect, process and use your personal data, especially when you visit the registration page, when ordering, or logging into an existing customer account, or when ordering products. We use your data only in accordance with applicable legal provisions and this policy privacy, as well as with your consent, as the case may be. In many cases, data is also used only in pseudonymous or anonymous form.

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  • Logs
    When you visit its pages, the following information will typically be stored for technical reasons in so-called logs:
  • The IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the access computer
    • the website from which you visit us (recommendation)
    • our web pages that you visit
    • the date and duration of the visit
    • browser type and browser settings
    • operating system

All of the above are stored automatically using cookies. You can delete at any time by cleaning the browser. The data will be stored for 12-48 months for statistical purposes only. The platform we use is Google Analytics. see more at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

  • Use of Cookies
    We use the so-called cookies on our websites. Cookies are text files that allow us to make your visit to our website as comfortable as possible. This includes, for example, the default settings for our website presentation or shopping cart features, as well as the possibility of a single subscription, so you only need to sign up for our website once, even when you want to use the offers products of our partners. Cookies contain a clear combination of letters / digits that identifies the browser you are using. These cookies are temporarily stored on your computer and are transmitted only to our server when you visit our website. We mainly use period cookies, which are not stored on your hard drive and are deleted when the browser is closed or after longer periods of inactivity. Only for the purchase you choose and for the "Remember me" function a permanent cookie will be stored, which will expire within 30 days from your last visit to
    You can view and delete cookies stored on your computer, and control how cookies are generally handled through your web browser settings. You can get more information on this topic from the manufacturer or through your web browser's "Help" feature. Please note that the functions of our website may be restricted or not available, if you do not allow cookies.

Website Function Cookies

Our own cookies

We use functional cookies:

Necessary for the operation of the shopping basket and checkout

For your connection to the site

If you have accepted the terms and conditions

Third party functions

Like all websites we use third party applications such as YouTube video integration.

Social Website Cookies

We use cookies so you can share or like our pages.

All cooperating services comply with the laws of confidentiality

Visitor Statistics Cookies

We use cookies necessary for statistical data.

Advertising Cookies

Cookies necessary for advertising or embedding ads. In some cases affiliate networks are used.

Remarketing Cookies

You can often see an increase in the number of ads after a visit to our site. We use an anonymous way of targeting ads with the 'remarketing cookie'

For the management of cookies you can be informed depending on the type of browser from the following:


(a)    https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en (Chrome).

(b)    https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences (Firefox).

(c)    http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/cookies/ (Opera).

(d)    https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies (Internet Explorer).

(e)    https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21411 (Safari).

(f)    https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10-microsoft-edge-and-privacy (Edge).


Registration, connection and order
When you sign up and log in or place an order or when you log in and start placing an order but do not complete it, we collect, process and use the personal data and information you provide to us within the framework of applicable personal data protection legislation character. We may use the details of the products and services when you try to order, in order to contact you with the details that you provided to us during your registration, in which case you provide us with your consent.

We request, as appropriate, contact information such as name, address and pricing, as well as information about the payment method you have chosen. In addition, we use your data to maintain our customer database so that only relevant data is stored there. In order to avoid typing errors and to ensure that the items you have ordered have actually been received by you, we check that the address you have entered is written in a complete and accurate manner.


Transmission of information and special promotions and other updates
• We use your data to transmit information that you have ordered or attempted to order from the product range and for other promotional actions from the email address provided by you. You can turn off this email feature at any time.
• In addition, we may send you information about our goods and services to the email address provided by you during a purchase, only with your prior consent. You can object to receiving these emails at any time, free of charge, except for the costs of transmitting the email according to the usual charges from the providers.
• We want you to enjoy reading our emails. Therefore, we try to include only information that you may be interested in. Therefore, we measure and store in your user profile the percentage of open messages and clicks, ie if and when you open our emails, what is the content of the emails when you click, and why and why our emails may not have been delivered. We may also use this data for statistical purposes.

We store and use your data when you contact us by telephone, e-mail or through our contact form, or when you would like to send us information in any other way and, therefore, forward your data to us for this purpose.
In addition, we store and use personal data and technical information, to the extent that this is necessary to prevent or prosecute abuse or other illegal behavior on our website, e.g. to maintain data security in the event of attacks on our computer systems. Finally, we store and use your data to the extent that we are legally obliged to do so, for example in the light of a formal directive or a judicial or other decision of the Authorities, as well as to safeguard our rights and claims, as well as to legal defense.



The security of your personal data is a high priority for us. Therefore, we protect your data, which is stored with us through technical and organizational measures to effectively prevent loss or misuse by third parties. In particular, our employees, who process personal data, are committed to maintaining confidentiality. To protect your personal data, the data is transmitted in encrypted form.


You have the legal right to be informed about your personal data stored with us, as well as to request correction or deletion. The fastest, simplest and most convenient way to claim these rights is to log in to your client account and immediately edit your data stored there, or delete your client account altogether.

The data that we have to store due to legal, institutional or will be locked instead of deleted, in order to prevent their use for other purposes.

The data recorded due to previous communication will be used only for the purpose originally given to us and you will always have the right to manage, delete and transfer.


To the extent that we use data for a purpose which, in accordance with the law, requires your consent, we will always ask for your express permission and link your license in accordance with the data protection provisions. A one-time license may be revoked at any time, resulting in future and / or you may object to future uses of your data for advertising, market research and opinion purposes. Applying for your objection / revocation of consent may take up to 30 days for technical reasons. For the purposes of revoking your consent or objection, a simple notification to us is sufficient to fill in the contact form.

You always have the right to request the complete deletion of your data or their transfer to another company.


Our website may contain links to other companies' websites. We are not responsible for the data protection measures for external websites that you may access through these links. Please be aware of the protection of your data on these external websites.


We always want to present to our customers attractive product offers It may be necessary to renew and modify this data protection update. If the modifications may affect the consent given by you, we will notify you separately.